Friday, January 28, 2011

For your enjoyment

I tried to find a good reason to post this video here that relates to this blog. I'm not sure what that is, except that God has given us animals to subdue and rule over (Genesis 1:28.) I suppose that would include enjoying and caring for our domestic pals. This pup is surely a joy to his owner, but the glory is God's alone for giving us animals to appreciate.


Paul Latour said...

Hey, Robert!

You gave me my first big laugh of the day and believe me, I needed it.

Though the video may not exactly inspire me to go out and preach the gospel on the streets, it does give me more reason to give glory to God for the many wonders of His creation in life and place me in a spirit of joy before I head out with the gospel anyway. Thanks for posting. I love it. :)

Robert Tewart said...

Thank you for that, Paul. That was exactly my intention in posting. God truly is creative.