Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pistol Whipped

This was  newsletter note from Todd Friel of Wretched Radio. Good stuff I want to share with my Christian brothers and sisters.   Happy Easter!

See if you can relate to any of these sentiments.

>There’s nothing like reading a really good parenting book to make me feel like a complete failure as a father.

>Spending a few minutes with an overly enthusiastic home school parent sure can make me feel like a loser as a mother.

>Watching the worship team makes my praises feel inferior.

>Listening to Paul Washer pray makes me want to crawl under a rock for my lukewarm petitions.

>When I see a skinny celebrity I feel guilty for eating that bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.

>Ray Comfort must love the Lord more than me because he witnesses to so many people.

Perhaps you noticed a theme throughout those statements: feeling like a failure for your lack of performance. If you ever feel lousy because of your failures, you need to know that your lack of joy is not due to the fact that you are a lousy parent, prayer, dieter or evangelizer. Your lack of joy comes from your failure to remember the Gospel!

Here is the hard truth of the matter:

>You and I fail constantly to lead our children to the cross as we parent.

>You and I never have enough intensity in our praise and prayers.

>Even on a good Jenny Craig day, you and I love things too much.

>If we witness to ten people a day, you and I don’t witness to as many people as we should.

Here is the great news, you and I are still enthusiastically accepted and loved by the Father! This is not due to your performance, but it is exclusively due to the performance of the Son on your behalf!

>Dad, you blow it as a father. Jesus died for bad dads.

>Mom, you sin when you home school your children in anger. Jesus died for angry moms.

>Christian, on your best Sunday, your praise and prayers are weak and distracted. Jesus died for you, a blasphemer.

>Overweight person, you have made a bag of chips an idol. Jesus died for you, an idolater.

>Your lack of love for the Lord and for the lost is an abomination to God. Jesus died for your apathy.

Dear Pistol Whipped Christian, you must stop trying to find joy and acceptance in your performance. On your very best day, your performance, like mine, is pathetic! But Jesus performance was perfect! Because of the doctrine of justification, His performance is now your performance!

Your ability to parent marvelously, praise intensely, pray fervently, eat wisely or evangelize perpetually should not be your source of peace, joy or satisfaction. Your source of joy should be found in Jesus, who died for your sins and failures.

The daily reminder that God sees you as perfect because of Jesus will lead you to more joy and to more loving parenting, intense praising, fervent praying, self-control and love for the Lord and for the lost.

Now, aren’t you glad for Easter!


Paul Latour said...

That was wonderful, Robert. Thanks for posting. I trust you had a great Resurrection Sunday. God bless you and thank you for this blog. God be praised!

Robert Tewart said...

You too Paul! Thanks!