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John MacArthur on Law before Grace

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40 Arabic Words

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

George Takei and Stephen Baldwin on Gay Marriage

by Robert Tewart

I watched this video and it wasn't long before I found both Stephen Baldwin and George Takei to be in serious error on the issue of gay marriage.

This interview is the result of the controversy being stirred from comments made by Kirk Cameron on the Piers Tonight program.  

Balwin made the mistake of trying to interpret what Cameron meant stating that his comments went back to the origin of what this country was founded upon. Kirk wasn't saying that at all. He was saying that homosexuality is detrimental to the foundations of civilization under God's original design for mankind.

I think this is what opened up George Takei's comments to the issue of Civil law as opposed to issues of faith.  I'm guessing Takei is avoiding the term "civil rights" to keep things from going off the rails by equating the gay agenda with the rights of blacks in the 1960's. In any case, he revived the tired old argument by stating "To have prejudicial and discriminatory laws that prevent equality in civil law for people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans gender is not right in the same way when this nation was founded there was no role for women..." Takei is  making a  category error here in his argumentation. Gays can vote and have a significant say in our government. They can (and do) serve in elected office in many levels of government.  The issue is not one of equality of rights, gays and those in the GLBT  community have the same rights as anyone else in this nation. What they are demanding is a redefinition of marriage  as ordained by God.

 Speaking on our nation's foundations, yes, many if not most were based on biblical principles including marriage. What the GLBT community wants is special rights that cannot be equated to the right to vote, or the equal treatment based on the color of one's skin or religious views.  They will continue to argue that they are born gay, lesbian etc., but event if this is true, it would not change the fact that the lifestyle they lead is forbidden in scripture by our creator. Personally, I might be able to buy the idea of someone being born with homosexual tendencies. After all, we are all born with sin and some with more of propensity to any number of sinful acts.

Takei would argue separation of church and state. If he new what the constitution really said, he and many others would know that it has to do with the governments meddling in the affairs of the church and not the church's influence in government. Every law and moral code we follow in this nation and the world in general are based on the truth God has written on our hearts and in His commandments.

I was disappointed in Stephen Baldwin's lack of ability to state a strong biblical case for the issue and I hope he studies it further. As for George Takei, although his argument was old hat and weak, I'm happy that he does not come off hostile as many in his community do.

Biblical Christians need to address this issue with love without compromising the truth of God's Word. Too often, well meaning Christians come off as Pharisaical and unloving. This does not reflect our God. His truth will offend all by itself. We do not need to be personally offensive and sully the name of the risen Christ we follow.

 Ultimately, what George and any sinner must do is to weigh in on what God has to say on this issue and even more importantly, what He has to say about all sin and the only answer to the problem .  You can read about that here.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What Kirk Said Or Didn't Say....

=A few days ago I posted a video of Kirk Cameron on on  Piers Morgan's Piers Tonight program in which Cameron was asked by Morgan what he thought of same sex marriage and homosexuality. More specifically, He asked Cameron if he thought homosexuality was a sin.   While I thought Cameron's answers were on target, some readers of this blog did not.

 Here is what one said:  "Why do you think he was so evasive? I agree with you, without a doubt he had the opportunity to tell it like it is and be done with it. However, I did get the feeling the commentator was baiting him into this corner for whatever may have been lurking in the shadows.

     I pray Kirk get's over whatever it was that interfered with the truth and goes forward with telling it as the Word says. He could have said: "Homosexuality is sin, so is murder and everything else that goes against the will of God." "Now what else would you like to know about the Word of God." 

Another comment stated: "I don't think he did a great job. He never said it was a sin and he was asked 3-4 times. What a disappointment.

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kirk Cameron Handles Piers Just Fine

Good job Kirk Cameron on answering a tough question under pressure!