Monday, May 13, 2013

Abortion Awareness Campaign: Paradise Valley

This in from our friend Sherry Pierce and the local (Phoenix area) team regarding a local abortion provider. Here is the original email from Sherry and the video below:

Hi everyone,

It's here! The video you've prayed for from the event that some of you took part in physically and many more of you spiritually through prayer. Some of you may not have been aware of this event at all. An abortion awareness campaign was held in front of David Orenstein's home in Paradise Valley 2 weeks ago. It was designed to expose the evil deeds of darkness. David Orenstein murders babies continually at multiple Planned Parenthood's across the valley. He doesn't care that we stand out in front of that house of horrors, however when you stand in front of his house, it is a different story. In his community he is respected as a "Dr" but after this campaign, many now know what and who he truly is.  This  video shows it better than any update ever could.

 God used our dear brother Rudy Gonzales to do an amazing job in putting this video together. It just over 7 minutes long and it is powerful! Thank you Rudy for all of your hard work!

 Please forward this video to as many people as you can think of, post it on Facebook, tweet it, or post it on your blog or wherever else but get it out there.

 This video also calls people to write to him so please send it out. It would be great if it went viral...Lord willing.
Can you imagine if this murderer who calls himself a Dr were to get letters from all across the country as well as other countries calling him to repentance? Imagine what God might do through that. That reminds me, if you haven't written to him yet, it's not too late, please do!

Our prayer is that God will use this to spur others into action, as well as glorify Himself.

Kermit Gosnell Guilty Of First-Degree Murder

See the story HERE.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Calvary Chapel pastor calls out false teacher

Hats off to this Calvary Chapel pastor who had the resolved to call this false teacher out.